Event organisers - Medias

The ceremony is organized by FUNDCLASS and the European media group :

The event is announced during the month preceding the event.

The participating medias are European information providers wishing to better inform their readers about the best funds across Europe.

Then, following the event, each media is publishing news articles or interview videos about the winners.


Created in 2006 and based in Paris, FUNDCLASS is an independent European fund rating agency fully-owned by individuals that scans every quarter the entire European and U.S. fund markets in order to determine how every fund behaved compared with its rivals in the same risk category.

The analysis process of FUNDCLASS consists of four main steps:
Computing: we define the risk profile of every European fund.
Classifying: we create risk peer groups of funds presenting similar risk profile.
Ranking: we identify best return/risk ratio within the same peer group.
Rating: we identify regular best performers among competitors over multiple periods of time.

With this exhaustive analysis of the fund market, we rate the global range of funds of every European Asset Manager and deliver for each of them a quantitative rating. Aside of rating open ended funds, FUNDCLASS is able to analyze, on request, any type of management mandates.

Acting as financial consultants, we provide data, analysis and consultancy services to advisors, consulting firms, asset-managers, multi-managers, investors or independent fund administrators. We work in close association with actuaries who serve industries and institutions for the evaluation of the management of their regulated provisions.

Our analysis are available on a private website where customers can access to more than 70000 ISIN codes. From the beginning, FUNDCLASS adopted a clear business model where rating and opinions are paid by investors rather than by funds or Asset Managers.