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Types of trophies

A trophy for each category

  • The Best European Funds in different categories.

  • The Best Asset Managers depending on their size of product range.

  • The Best European A.M. on the long term (7 years) : FUNDCLASS trophies

Best Funds

Funds are rewarded for the regularity of their over-performance during 4 years.
In each funds’ category we classify the open ended investment funds, without any attention on the geographical zone, sector or type, that are represented in another category. Only open ended investment funds without geographical, sectorial or management styles bias are selected.


The Best Funds having presented the following risk profiles:
  • Europe Large Cap
  • International Large Cap
  • US Large Cap
  • Long Term Bonds
  • International Opportunist

Best Asset Managers

Asset managers are rewarded by country for the global quality of their European range of funds.
The country is determined by the most important registered place of theirs range of funds.
If the range of funds is equally registered in two or more countries, the Asset Managers will compete in Multi-Country Category. The best Asset Managers in Europe are rewarded only one time as the Best European Asset Managers and doesen't appear on Nationals Categories.

The Best European and National Asset Management companies belongs to the 8 following categories having between:

      • 4 to 7 rated funds
      • 8 to 15 rated funds
      • 16 to 25 rated funds
      • 26 to 40 rated funds
      • 41 to 70 rated funds
      • 71 to 100 rated funds
      • 101 to 200 rated funds
      • More than 200 rated funds


This trophy rewards a long-term management, the capacity of an Asset Manager to have a range of funds that out-performs during 7 years in Europe.

Categories are the same that for the Best Asset Managers trophies.

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